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Relaxing on Bobeach in Cayes-Jacmel, Haiti | SBPR

Wish You Were Here: Kicking Back on Bobeach in Cayes-Jacmel, Haiti

Wish You Were Here: Kicking Back on Bobeach in Cayes-Jacmel, Haiti

There is another Haiti. One that’s miles away from the eminently struggling and chaotic image most often proffered by the mainstream. One with beaches and beauty on-par with the rest of the Caribbean, coupled with a vibrant arts scene and rich cultural history unmatched most anywhere in the world. You can experience a bit of this “other” Haiti in Cayes-Jacmel, along beaches like Bobeach, where the limin’ and good times are as sweet as you’ll find anywhere in the Caribbean.

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  • Daisy French

    This looks incredible! The only trouble is, I might have another location added to my must-visit list!

  • Nick

    That’s actually Kabik Beach.

    • http://www.uncommoncaribbean.com/ Steve Bennett

      Hmm… Not according to the owner of Villa Nicole, which sits right behind the spot where I was standing when I snapped this image one month ago. Wouldn’t be the first beach I happened upon in Haiti with more than one name, though. Either way, I look forward to getting back here soon to verify your Kabik Beach claim. Cheers!

  • http://www.seedapparel.com/ Seed Apparel Haiti

    This does look amazing! Haiti is amazing. Wish more people would come to visit. We have a social business here screen printing T-Shirts and welcome you all to come on down and check us out 🙂