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Credit: Jon Lee Clark via Flickr
Jamaica, Negril

Uncommon Envy: Ridiculously Cool Rockhouse Jamaica

Uncommon Envy: Ridiculously Cool Rockhouse Jamaica

Jamaica is one of a handful of places that to me inspires envy just in name alone.

There are a great many reasons for this, of course. World class rums, even better food and music, a proud history of sporting achievement unmatched in the region… This list could go on and on.

Lately, though, my Jamaica pangs have centered on one very special place, Negril, and a particular hotel seemingly developed with our style of uncommon travel in mind.

This, dear reader, is Rockhouse…

Pretty cool, right? I’m actually amazed this place has eluded me thus far, a situation I hope to remedy in the very near future.

Ever stayed at Rockhouse? Got any tips on things we shouldn’t miss in and around the hotel? Leave us your suggestions in the comments section below…


*Lead photo credit: Flickr user Jon Lee Clark.

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  • Stacie

    Rockhouse is on my list too, and I plan to wear my Uncommon Caribbean jersey when I get there! I first learned of RH through the work of a wedding photographer that I follow – http://dwaynewatkins.com/blog/danielle-damian-married/. It seems to be a place to disconnect and really relax because, from what I’ve read, you have to request a TV if you want one in your room.

    • http://www.uncommoncaribbean.com/ Steve Bennett

      Love it, Stacie, thanks! Let us know when you get there, and be sure to send us a pic of yourself in your UC shirt. Cheers!

  • Manicou River

    Interesting fact: Rock House is owned by and Australian. Aussies in the Caribbean = great combination. But of course I’m biased! Same guy also owns Miss Lillie’s Jamaican bar and restaurant in NYC. Well worth a visit.

  • Elizabeth

    Keep walking up Lighthouse Road to Tensing Pen – go often and LOVE – fav of discriminating travelers and Jamaicans – try it ! Love Rockhouse too

    • http://www.uncommoncaribbean.com/ Steve Bennett

      Oh yes, I’ve been to Tensing Pen and LOVE IT! Hoping to get back there soon as well…

      • Elizabeth

        Interesting – thanks – The Caves ? While out walking stopped to look around – but no visitors permitted …