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Caribbean Wallpaper Wednesday: Sailing Lessons off Lower Bay, Bequia

Caribbean Wallpaper Wednesday: Sailing Lessons off Lower Bay, Bequia
Sailing off Lower Bay, Bequia
Sailing off Lower Bay, Bequia

Nothing happens when you sit at home.
I always make it a point to carry a
camera with me at all times…
I just shoot at what interests me
at that moment.

That’s a quote from legendary photographer Elliott Erwitt and some damn good advice for anyone—whether you’re an amateur photographer, avid traveller or just someone who wants to fill their life with stories worth telling. “Nothing happens when you sit at home.” I like it.

As far as the always carrying a camera part… Well, over the course of my little 8 day sailing adventure last week and 3 days in Grenada, I took exactly 3609 photos. Three thousand, six hundred and nine photos! From this, you could probably assume one of two things:

A) I shoot indiscriminately in every direction like a rum junkie on a lazy susan.
B) There were so many spectacular moments to capture, I simply couldn’t resist.

The verdict is still out on this one. I’ve only just begun the task of sifting through all these captures trying to pick out real photographs with the potential to transport viewers to the distant shores we were filling our days exploring. So far, I’ve gotten to day 2. Hey, that’s almost 800 photos I’ve gone through already!

On this day, we were anchored in Admirality Bay just offshore from the dynamic double beaches of Princess Margaret Beach and Lower Bay Beach on Bequia. It was just the second day, so I was still a bit overwhelmed by the combination of an introduction to sailing and the beauty of the electric blue seas we were traversing.

Sitting on deck, taking it all in (with camera in-hand) I noticed what looked like a sailing lesson underway for some young, budding sailors-to-be on a simple sailboat. Them, silently skimming along the smooth, turquoise surface of the bay towards a beautiful white sandy beach with an invitingly underdeveloped lush hillside as a backdrop was just too perfect.

Luckily, I had an itchy trigger finger and didn’t soak in the moment too long before remembering to capture it. So here it is. For all of you to download and enjoy. Hopefully, with this as your desktop wallpaper, a visit to Bequia will be in your future, too.

I mean, how could you not want to follow in these sailors’ wake?

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  • Patrick, having your camera out and ready at all times always yields the finest travel images.  By definition, we as travelers are new to a place.  We cannot begin to understand what amazing things we are about to experience around every corner.  

    When I traveled the world for one year photographing for my book,  “Portraits of Our World” I was normally good at this.  But there are countless images I have in my head that I never captured because the camera was in the bag.  A little boy in Zimbabwe running down a dirt road with a home made kite.  A live pig strapped to the back of a motorcycle on the way to market in Cambodia.  You can never get those back.  

    I suspect that is why your and Steve’s images on this blog are so good.  Keep it up.Also, what wrong with a rum junkie on a lazy susan?  LOL 🙂

    • uncommoncarib

      Glad you like the photos here at UC, Carl. And thanks for reading!

      I definitely understand where you’re coming from with the missed moments sentiment. I’m sure even with the 3600 photos I took, there were definitely another 1000 I wish I had taken… Whether they would have turned out to be quality photographs, we’ll never know.

      Your book looks beautiful and it must have been quite the experience creating it… And for a good cause, too! Great stuff.

      As far as the rum junkie comment… Well… I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with being one… But I don’t believe they take the best photos! 😀

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