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Bequia, Grenadines

Photo Essay: A Quick Re-Provisioning in Bequia

Photo Essay: A Quick Re-Provisioning in Bequia

At just seven square miles, the beautiful little island Bequia still manages to claim the title of “largest among the Grenadines!”

On our recent sailing adventure aboard Trust Me (charted through Sail Oasis), we paid a visit to this “island in the clouds” as it was known in Arawak to pick up provisions before charting a course deeper into the Grenadines. As captain Kevin explained to me, the further you sail into the Grenadines away from St. Vincent, the more expensive everything gets.

A bag of ice in St. Vincent? Maybe 5EC. On Bequia? Around 10EC. And on the smaller islands like Mustique? Think 25EC!

So, naturally a lot of sailors make it a point to stop at Bequia for some last-minute provisions before venturing on into the immaculate chain of spectacular islands and islets that await them to the south.

To get a taste of the experience, check out the photo gallery below… Then maybe give the folks at Sail Oasis a call to charter your own boat!

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  • Ksah23

    My boyfriend and I went to Bequia on Jan 17th, 2012  as part of our St.Vincent/ Barbados tour. We took the ferry from Kingstown, St.Vincent. 

    We were very surprise at the high prices for food and transportation. A taxi to the turtle farm cost $60.00 us which is almost 124.00 ec dollars. Not to mention food. A Fish burger was ec $25 and 12inch pizza with 1 topping ec $44, then drinks.  Although I must say we did enjoy the rum punch with sunset rum which made me dizzy in the afternoon sun. I am accustomed to drinking Jamaican dark rum which is 40% alcohol. I was not prepared for the 85% alcohol content in Sunset rum.
    After I got over the shock of purchasing food we stayed at Lower Bay and then walked over to princess Margaret Beach. Those beaches were amazing!!!

    Thisis my 4th visit to Bequia because I am a Vincentian. However, I don’t think Northern Ontario boyfriend was prepared for it.  He kept saying I can’t believe I am here.

    Unfortunately we did not make it to the other Grenadines islands but we will on our next visit. However, Barbados was amazing. I will be spending more time there in the future and their food was amazing. I cam back with some cookbooks!!!
    Thanks for highlighting our Caribbean islands!!! I love your blog.

    • uncommoncarib

      Thanks so much!

      Yeah Bequia can be expensive, but like I mentioned, it’s still cheaper than deeper into the chain. Besides, the many beautiful views and immaculate beaches more than make up for the cost.

      Be sure to check out our Barbados page (http://www.uncommoncaribbean.com/barbados) more all our info on Bim!

      Thanks again!

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