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St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

Saturday Video: St. Croix’s Starring Role on Miami Vice

Saturday Video: St. Croix’s Starring Role on Miami Vice

Gun battles and high-speed car chases are the last things you’d expect to see in my sleepy home island of St. Croix, but if you happened to be visiting in 1984 that’s exactly what you would’ve been treated to.

Yes, I said treated.

The reason: Miami Vice was on-island!

The legendary TV series that defined 1980’s cool developed some of its swagger in St. Croix, filming episode #5 of its premiere season right where Patrick and I grew up.

As you might imagine, this was a pretty big deal for us Crucians at the time. Never mind that our island was identified in the show as someplace called St. Andrews. Never mind that St. Andrews was said to be in The Bahamas. Never mind that Don Johnson drives on the right-hand side of the road in the episode (we keep left in the USVI). If you were a teenage Crucian at the time like me, seeing the tell-tale streets of Christiansted starring on the hottest TV show of the time was a thrill you’d never forget.

Today’s Saturday Video features one of the more action-packed sequences in the show. For a full rundown on the plot for this particular episode, click here.

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  • Deborah

    I can’t believe you scared this chase scene up after all these years!  Kids skipped school to see this!  Kinda odd to see them driving the wrong way on one-way streets…and to go back and forth on the same streets in different directions.  Thanks for the memories!

  • Sho

    Wow… Definitely a classic.  Interesting to see them driving the wrong way on one way streets and this brings back memories of when there was parking on the waterfront.  Thanks for pulling this up!!!

  • Tplife69

    Many thanks!  Once again bringing back the mango rum vapors and Crucian attitude following our June ’11 sojourn to the island, and of course credos to Anne & Rose for showing the way to Jack’s Beach!