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Enjoy a Therapeutic Mud Bath INSIDE El Totumo Volcano

Enjoy a Therapeutic Mud Bath INSIDE El Totumo Volcano

Remember Patrick’s Molten Muddy Buddies visit to the Sulfur Springs National Park in St. Lucia a couple years ago? The mud was so hot that the only therapeutic benefits he and his wife, Kathleen, derived from the whole excursion were courtesy of a few strategic splashes from a cup.

If they had been at El Totumo, though, heat would not have been a problem.

El Totumo is a mud volcano located just outside Cartagena, Colombia. Totumo’s mucky stuff is said to carry a wide range of health benefits, just like the volcanic mud at Sulfur Springs. The big difference here (and at all mud volcanoes), though, is that the mud isn’t hot. In fact, visitors to Totumo actually bathe in the mud…past their eyeballs…inside the volcano!

A staircase runs the 50 feet up the volcano to the crater, where a makeshift plunge pool awaits. Visitors ooze all the way in, the mud so thick that it’s impossible to sink, even when standing upright.

By the looks of the video above, El Totumo can get pretty crowded, and I’m not too sure about the local masseuses it seems you can hire for a rub down, but the unique opportunity to bathe inside a volcano has me keen on learning more about this uncommon attraction, and maybe experiencing it for myself one day.

If you’ve visited El Totumo and have some tips on how best it can be enjoyed, please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  • The mud bath at the Sulphur Springs Volcanic  Park in Saint Lucia is not always unbearably hot, it all depends on what time of day you go there. Anytime before 9am is good for an hour long soak. Go anytime after 9am and its get progressively hotter, but still i would be somewhat reluctant to describe it as unbearably hot.  Then again, different people have different levels of heat tolerance, mine apparently being as high as the summit of our iconic piton mountains.