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Wish You Were Here

Inside La Notre Dame de la Salette, Martinique/SBPR

Strolling among the pews inside the historic Notre Dame de la Salette in the heart of Sainte-Anne, a small fishing village located in southern Martinique.

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  • La Sagaie

    Hello Uncommon people, just stumbled upon your blog and I love what I see… are you actually in Martinique right now? (if so, am jealous 😉

    • uncommoncarib

      Thanks La Sagaie! Sadly, we’re not in Martinique at present, though we hope to be back in The Isle of Flowers this summer. Will we see you there…?

      • La Sagaie

        I somehow doubt that… unfortunately, but one never knows!
        Great blog by the way.

        • uncommoncarib

          Thanks again! Keep reading and tell your friends!

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