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British Virgin Islands, Cooper Island

Uncommon Envy: Save Earth at Cooper Island Beach Club

Photo credit: Kathryn Rapier, kathrynrapier.net
Photo credit: Kathryn Rapier, kathrynrapier.net

When you close your eyes and dream about the Caribbean, what’s the first image that comes to your mind? What one image denotes the quintessential Caribbean to you?

For me, it generally tends to look something like this… the BVI’s… more specifically, Cooper Island.

I’ve never been here, ergo the envy, but ever since I happened upon this image a few weeks ago, I’ve been more than a bit intrigued with the place. Having now learned more about Cooper Island, my intrigue has turned to obsession.

The abject beauty of the island is one thing – one very big thing, if you ask me – but just as enticing is the Beach Club that calls this glorious slice of the Caribbean home.

Cooper Island Beach Club, BVI | Kathryn Rapier
Cooper Island Beach Club, BVI | Kathryn Rapier

Nestled on a nice sliver of white sand beach, the Club is blessed with some seriously crystal-clear water, swaying palms and some low-lying hills to its back. It’s just the kind of environs I remember from my youth in St. Croix, offering hours of exploration (both above and below the water), fun and relaxation.

The interiors are pretty nice too…

Cooper Island Beach Club Accommodations | Kathryn Rapier
Cooper Island Beach Club Accommodations | Kathryn Rapier

Spartan, bright and airy, the rooms at Cooper Island embody the kind of tropi-casual elegance I love. In their furniture, they also showcase what’s truly special about the property: its commitment to sustainable tourism.

Recycled teak is employed in the construction of much of the furnishings, but that’s just the beginning of how Cooper Island takes care not to harm the environment.

The property operates one of the most advanced solar panel systems in the region, with 90 panels generating a full 70% of the Club’s electricity from the bright and shiny sun above.

The pillows and mattress covers on the beds: they’re all made from recycled plastic bottles. Eco-friendly laundry detergent is used to clean ’em, and everything else that needs washing here, and even the fryer oil used in the kitchen is converted to bio-diesel once it’s been used.

All the water that you drink here is actually also made here, courtesy of the property’s very own reverse osmosis system. Waste water is also treated on-site through a bio-reactor, which works to break down sewage to the point that it goes back into the sea nice and clean.

At the bar, drinks are served in bio-degradable cups made from corn, while the colorful barstools were all formerly parts of old fishing boats.

Colorful Cooper Island Barstools | Kathryn Rapier
Colorful Cooper Island Barstools | Kathryn Rapier

And that’s just some of the ways the folks at Cooper Island Beach Club commit to saving the planet!

Tourism development has often come at a high environmental price in much of the Caribbean as ever-larger resorts, condos and cruise ships entered the region with little or no care for the harm their operations inflicted upon our fragile ecosystems.

If you truly care about the Caribbean, and want to ensure that dreamy images like the one at the head of this post remain the norm for years to come, then you’ll want to stay at Cooper Island.

For rates and more information on Cooper Island Beach Club, visit the property online.

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