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Credit: CameliaTWU via Flickr

Wish You Were Here: Racing Back to Port in San Pedro Town, Belize

Wish You Were Here: Racing Back to Port in San Pedro Town, Belize

The formerly sleepy fishing village of San Pedro Town located at the southern end of Ambergis Caye, Belize may be small in size, but it’s big when it comes to boating and scuba diving. Numerous smaller cays lay close by, creating a boater’s paradise, though its the Belize Barrier Reef, the largest in the Western Hemisphere, that really draws people here. Scuba diving is so important to San Pedro that there’s even a hyperbaric chamber located right in town.

*Photo credit: CameliaTWU via Flickr.

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  • cl bh

    belize- nice people, but becoming capitalizers and losing the charm of twenty years ago, but that’s progress I guess. San Ignacio still has a laid back feel, except in road repair time, which lately as been about every month, but the gotta fix the pot holes or lose an axel on the way to Tikal in Guatemala, or back to Belize city on the two lane road for a hundred km. Fcus on the small things and you will be ok, don’t expect big productions and all inclusive treatment, just people making an effort to get out of third world status and working their butts off all the time doing so. If only three or four days, stay on the coast and do the tourist thing in the cayes. Beautiful sunsets, south pacific in quality, and a lot closer. If two weeks or so, go inland and then to the ruins, but don’t go on your own on roads not heavily traveled, a hundred dollar watch or camera could pay for three months living expenses for locals. Most all are honest and hate the predatory types. Also be tolerant of all the loose dogs, they are no threat, but look like they havnt eaten in a week.