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Little Bay Beach, Anguilla by Patrick Bennett

Wish You Were Here: Soaking in the Sun at Little Bay Beach

Wish You Were Here: Soaking in the Sun at Little Bay Beach

The best beaches in the Caribbean aren’t always the biggest.

Sure, many Caribbean travelers flock to sprawling beaches—ones not just known for their size, but actually named according to how many miles they cover (I’m looking at you Seven Mile Beach). For my money, though, tiny Little Bay Beach bests the big guys.

Surrounded by towering limestone cliffs, the only ways to reach this diminutive patch of sand is either by boat or by climbing down a rope. Not a rope ladder, mind you. Just a rope. Once you get to Little Bay Beach you can expect clear waters, solitude, sensational snorkeling, and even an intimidating boulder for daredevils to leap off. And if you’re extra lucky, you’ll be staying at Ani Villas just up the cliff, so you can visit whenever you like!

Wish you were here?

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  • EllenLV

    Anguilla has 33 great beaches, all terrific, 80 fantastic restaurants and the friendliest people you will ever meet. We love it there. You can also get a boat ride to Little Bay with Calvin – he parks by DaVida, just tell him when to pick you up and he will be there. Stop in at DaVida for a terrific lunch and if you are there on Sunday enjoy the soothing sounds of Omari Banks and his Band Eleven. Can hardly wait to get there and never want to leave, we have been all over the world, seen many beaches and none can compete with Anguilla.