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Friday Happy Hour: The Unifying Power of Papa’s Pilar Dark

Friday Happy Hour: The Unifying Power of Papa’s Pilar Dark

Rum, some might say, is as strong a symbol of unity as exists in the Caribbean.

The sweet stuff has, of course, been produced in just about every corner of the region at one point or another. It’s also most certainly enjoyed all across our islands, often bringing people together at fetes, rum bars, beach limes; anywhere, really.

Many different rum producers exemplify this spirit of unification, bringing together blends from several different parts of the region to create special new products. One such special spirit is Papa’s Pilar Dark.

Like its Blonde sister blend, Papa’s Pilar Dark is an artisan-crafted rum inspired by one of history’s greatest adventurers (and my favorite author), Ernest Hemingway.

The quintessential “man’s-man,” always full of bluster and bravado, you could just imagine Hemingway preferring his rum bold, strong of character and potency; the kind of rum that asserts itself heartily without compromise, excuses, or any signs of weakness.

Papa’s Pilar Dark is just such a rum… mostly.

Oh, it’s PLENTY robust and full-flavored, leaving a lasting impression in its long and enveloping finish that you won’t soon forget.

Papa’s Pilar hand selects the fine rums that go into making its Dark rum from disparate parts of the Caribbean, Central America, and the U.S. Some are pot still rums, others a product of column distillation. The oldest rums in the blend check in at the ripe old age (at least for rum) of 24 years.

Somehow, the magicians at Papa’s Pilar bring these many varied rums together beautifully, employing a solera aging method using American Bourbon barrels and Port Casks before finishing the whole lot in Spanish Sherry Casks.

Indeed, there’s A LOT going on with Papa’s Pilar Dark, which doesn’t totally fit the straight-shooter picture I’ve long had of Hemingway. The rum’s also a bit sweeter and more spicy than I might associate with Hemingway, each sip bursting with vanilla, honey, apricots, and spices. Bourbon and Sherry notes shine through as well – as complex a flavor experience as I’ve enjoyed in quite some time.

Is Papa’s Pilar Dark for you? Well, if you like your rum deliciously dynamic, sophisticated, bold, and distinctive, it’s hard to do much better than this.


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  • Matthew Rapaport

    Mostly following these as they are shared on google+ but this being one of my favourite rums (I like the blonde too) I thought I’d comment for you! I drink my rums as pairings with cigars! The flavours in this rum are in your face, not very subtle, but as a result they stand up well to strong cigars and the dominant molasses like sweetness (at least to my palette) compliments and brings out sweeter elements in the smoke! Delicious rum! I have 2 bottles in my collection now!

    • I have more than once paired a nice strong smoke with Pilar. I’ve even considered dipping a few smokes in the rum and letting them settle for a few weeks before smoking.
      I had the opportunity in September to smoke a stick that was aged in a glass tube with Pilar Dark in the humidifier… Unfortunately, Time got away from me and I never got to smoke it.