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St. Croix SUP | SBPR
St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

Mommy and Me Paddleboarding in St. Croix, USVI

Mommy and Me Paddleboarding in St. Croix, USVI

Breakfast in bed or a fancy brunch, flowers, chocolates, and other assorted gifts – all are nice, but we’re guessing most uncommon moms wouldn’t mind trading them if it meant they could spend their special day enjoying a little extra special SUP time at Shoys Beach, St. Croix.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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  • mrrupertdavis

    Dear Mr. Bennett,

    It is quiet admirable to read all your wonderfully informative narratives, and as well, view the gorgeous photos of the Caribbean posted on your site, and especially so, during the US arctic, frigid, wintery months, with snow-storm, and even blizzardly weather conditions to boot.
    However, what I do find to be utterly dismaying and somewhat offensive is your penchant and predilection to feature plain-looking white folks basking or frolicking their pale backsides under the sun, and hardly some decent looking Blacks doing the same so as to even out ones perception in this regard.
    As the black man that your are, who is into white folks; hey, whatever floats your boat ~ pun intended; perhaps your personal family-photos should remain personal; otherwise the message that comes across is that your site serves to pitch a “Whites Only” are welcome to the Caribbean allure. Allow me to remind that, we all are not into the US post-racial delusion.
    In conclusion; your site is perhaps, a perfect encouragement, plus one of the reasons why, when most white folks visit the Caribbean, they feel that every black person with whom the come in contact is at their white peck and call; as if the region is still in the heydays of the planation era.

    Rupert Davis
    Manhattan, NY

    • Thanks for the input, Rupert. I was actually just thinking the other day that we don’t showcase enough Asians, Hispanics, Middle Easterners or Indians in our posts either. If you look around our site a bit more, though, you will find quite a number of “decent looking Blacks,” as you put it. If we showcase our white wives, friends, and mixed-race kids too much for you, then all I can say is that I’m sorry… for you.

      • Mr.Rupert Davis

        Mr. Bennett:

        Many thanks for our prompt response. Your honest thought that you were thinking about the fact that, you do not showcase enough of other ethnic groups on your site, gives some credence to my perception of the whiteness of your portrayals.
        Thanks as well for pointing out my oversights for missing the number of “decent looking Blacks” with their families, clad in their little nothings while gracing your site. I shall surely look a bit more for such sightings.
        Nevertheless, your thoughtfulness and empathy on my behalf is highly appreciated. However, in this case, your pity should serve your person for better than that of mine.

        “Be confident in your heritage! Be confident in your Blackness!
        President, Barack Obama
        Howard University Graduation Commencement
        8 May 2016

        • My portrayals, like most everything else on this site, revolve around my own personal experiences and the people with whom I interact with on my own personal travels; people of all races, colors, economic and political backgrounds, religious beliefs, etc. as my Caribbean, the one that I was born and raised in, has always been very much an inclusive place. If you don’t like how I’m living, oh well..

          P.S.: Where were you when I was getting attacked for writing nice things about Obama’s visit to Jamaica, or the Obama vs Romney bush rum sampling I enjoyed in Dominica?