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Rhythms at Rainbow Beach Bar | SBPR
St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

Sunday Funday at Rainbow Beach, St. Croix

Every picture says a thousand words. Some special images, though, don’t stop there. They just keep talking and talking on into infinity.

This pic – a typical bar scene on a typical Sunday afternoon at the tremendously atypical Rhythms at Rainbow Beach Bar & Grill on my home island of St. Croix – is one such special image to me.

It speaks of countless Sundays spent here with childhood friends and, more recently, new UC fans.

Of dancing in the rain, ice-cold greenies, strong Cruzan Rum and Cokes, a girl named Gigi, and genuinely jaw-dropping sunsets.

Sunday Funday may not have originated at Rainbow Beach, but if you’ve yet to experience it here, well… you’re missing what to me is one of the best weekly parties held anywhere in the Caribbean.

Get to know more about Rhythms at Rainbow Beach here.

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  • foofoodog

    One thing about the bars down there, they have their regulars. I had not been there for a couple of years and I walked into a bar mid day and see it fully seated with regulars that I still recognize. I tap one guy on the shoulder and tell him, I think you are in my seat. He looks at me and says, oh, sorry man, I didn’t know you were coming back. And the bartender still knows my name and what I drink. A lot of folks go there for a vacation, and decades later they are still there, it all goes by in a blur.

  • foofoodog

    Going way back to when I was pre-teen.
    I used to be able to jimmy the pay pool table at rainbow from underneath to get the balls to drop for free. And there was a certain way you could get into the USO in town when it was closed, which was always, and use the table there. Did I mention playing pool is a bit of a cultural thing there. Short tilted tables, worn out bumpers and bent sticks. It’s all about knowing the lean. Best to bring your own powder and chalk.