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Credit: Colin Ruggiero
Bahamas, Exuma

Exploring the Wild Blue Wonder of Exuma, The Bahamas

Exploring the Wild Blue Wonder of Exuma, The Bahamas
It’s hard to describe how beautiful it is…

It struck me, as I heard the intoxicating voice mouth these words during the early moments of the trailer for Colin Ruggiero’s stunning film, Exuma, that I absolutely felt the same way about this special corner of The Bahamas.

More so than most places I’ve ever traveled, the incredible beauty of the marine environs in and around the Exumas just defy description.

If you haven’t been or don’t believe me, watch this…

Pretty amazing, right?

Might be hard to believe, but being there is way-way better.

(If you need more proof, pick up a copy of Exuma here.)

Hope to see you enjoying these blues some time in 2016…


*Photo credit: Colin Ruggiero.

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  • FatDumbandHappyYank

    I’m going to very critical on this video & you Steve.
    Exuma is my second home and I got married there to my American wife on Jolly Hall beach and was just there this New Years.
    And hung out with my buddies at EBR, watched the Bull Reg Regatta and swam with the pigs and explored the old Lee Stocking station. (Where I honed my dive skills)

    My critiques are, I’ve seen so many bloody videos on the Exuma’s done by European & American visitors or companies that show the natural & aquatic wonders of the Bahamas, but rarely the people, culture or places that make the islands ,what they are.
    Susanna sounds very Italian and those folks love the Exumas, but they’re “cheap Charlies ” as we call them in the islands. And really all this video is a tourist marketing tool. And Colin wants $30 or soon for it… really.

    I’ve spend about 20 of my life in conservation & tourism marketing in the Bahamas, with the Bahamas National Trust(BNT) & the Tourism Board and the destruction of the cays have gotten worse, especially with the wealthy snobs, buying a cay every week and little government regulation out of Nassau.
    Don’t get me started on BNT allowing the same on Cays in the Land & Sea Park.
    I do appreciate you, Steve as a Bajan, loving the Exumas, but keep it mind that it the “Locals” that make these islands beautiful ,long before someone showed up with a HD camera. Keep up the good mon & Happy New Year.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I should first point out that I am not a Bajan. I do love Barbados, though I was born and raised in St. Croix. My parents are from Trinidad.

      As for the “people, culture and places that make the islands what they are,” I think that if you take the time to peruse through our full series of Exuma posts you will see all of this represented.

      Places like Exuma Point Restaurant and St. Andrew’s Anglican Church, historical points of interest like Pompey’s Slave Rebellion, people like Rasta Steve down at Fish Fry, events like Emancipation Regatta and National Family Island Regatta — all of these people, places, and things (and more) unique to the Exumas have been covered by us in recent years.

      You can see all of our Exuma posts here: http://www.uncommoncaribbean.com/destination/exuma/

      The video here, which I find to be stunning representation of the otherworldly marine environs in and around the Exumas, presents, despite all its excellence, only one side of the Exuma story. It is also but one of many posts on your amazing islands that we have published and will continue to publish moving forward.

      I hope that you will take a look at what we’ve done so far and remain in touch with ideas on how we might continue to tell the full story of the Exumas in the days and weeks ahead.

      Sincerely, Steve Bennett
      Co-Founder + Editorial Director, UncommonCaribbean.com

  • Maureen Falk

    What I can say, is that I love all the material and photos (videos included) Please DO elaborate on this jewel of an island both good and not so good! As they used to say in the commercials
    “its better in the Bahamas”
    and to https://disqus.com/by/FatDumbandHappyYank/ I am sure that many, myself included , would love to see the Island from the “Islander’s” perspective.