Another Look At My Secret Conching Spot In The Abacos

We shared the underwater view a few weeks ago. Now, get a look at my secret conching spot in the Abacos from above the waves.

As you can see, I’m still keeping the wraps on the exact location. Nevertheless, I thought you’d appreciate the photo and an intro to CJ’s Abaco Dorado Boat Rentals.

Located in Marsh Harbour, just a quickie walk from The Abaco Beach Resort, CJ’s is an easy choice for anyone looking to rent a boat for some island-hopping fun in the Abacos. Like this one, their “Open Fishermen” Dusky boats are roomy and exceptionally sea-worthy, keeping us reasonably dry from Hope Town to Pelican Cay and all points in between.

If you’re not keen on captaining your own boat, CJ’s has you covered there as well, offering experienced guides that can take you to many of the same great places I got to explore during my visit… except the spot pictured above, of course.

Who knows, maybe with a little luck and one of CJ’s great boats, you might find a secret conching spot of your very own…

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