Walking at Rendezvous Beach Montserrat

Rendezvous Beach

Known as Montserrat’s only white sand beach, Rendezvous Beach is a singular experience never to be repeated exactly the same way twice.

On a visit years ago, its sands were a dark grey with pounding surf. And brilliant green hills sloped upward from the sand.

On a more recent visit, Rendezvous Beach blazed brilliantly in the sun. Calm turquoise waters sparkled. And, surprisingly, the green hills had been replaced by prickly dry shrubs.

My experience says it’s a gorgeous white sand beach more often than not, but if you’re thinking of hiking or kayaking to these sands (the only ways to get here), you may want to inquire for the latest updates.

There are no facilities on Rendezvous Beach, of course. So, plan to bring all your drinks, towels, chairs, shade, or other creature comforts with you.

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