Contemplating Zen Stones at Pristine Limestone Bay Beach

A Moment of Zen Stones on Limestone Beach, Anguilla

Your monthly moment of zen.

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Limestone Bay Beach, Anguilla by Patrick Bennett

Limestone Beach, Anguilla: Wish You Were Arriving Here?

If you're lucky enough to be staying at Ani Private Resorts, then you're lucky enough to be just a short walk away from Limestone Beach, Anguilla.
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Sublime Sunset Over Meads Bay, Anguilla

Your monthly Moment of Zen.
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This is what 8 AM looks like on Mead's Bay, Anguilla in front of the Carimar Beach Club. A little line of white beach chairs blend with the brilliantly bleached sand to subtly seduce you into settling in for a day at the beach.
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