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See that chair there? The chaise lounge set enticingly at the shore line; gin-clear seas and a few scattered boats its only companions? Yeah, that seat’s not for you. Not quite yet, anyway. Reason: This chair sits in Sandy Ground, the laid back fishing village somewhat centrally-located on Anguilla’s north coast. While much of the rest of the Caribbean has reopened to international travelers (with mixed results relative to new COVID infections), Anguilla remains closed. The island is COVID-free. In an effort to remain that way, they’re not reopening until October 1. This, however, doesn’t mean that you can’t satisfy at least some small portion of your AXA aspirations…

Experience Anguilla at Home

A service of the Anguilla Tourist Board, Experience Anguilla at Home is an immersive video and audio platform showcasing the very best of the island. In it, you’ll find 20 videos showcasing an assortment of uniquely Anguillian experiences. Food and drink recipes, wellness, excursions, music and culture – it’s all here!

Along the way through the videos, you also get to meet a lot of the people that truly make Anguilla one of our all-time favorite islands.

People like our amazing friend Sammi Green, Anguilla’s most-loved yogi. Experience Anguilla at Home includes a 20-minute yoga session with her at the gorgeous Kandara Villa in West End. The session is quick, yet wonderfully rejuvenating, owing as much to Sammi as the jaw-dropping scenery.

Another great UC friend, Simone Conner, is also part of the program. Some of you may remember Simone as the smiling face behind Sandy Island, home to the very best lobster I’ve ever had in my life. Just seeing her face in one of the videos proved a nice panacea to my pandemic woes.

Best of the Beach + Beats

If you’re keen to experience Anguilla’s beaches, then the “Natural De-Stressing in Anguilla” video is a must-watch. I could practically smell the salt air coming through my computer while watching it! 

Another section features a live webcam from Meads Bay, bringing you as close to Anguilla as any of us can get before October 1st.

There’s even a curated Spotify playlist to keep you in the AXA groove until we can all return later this year.

Truly, there’s no better way to live out your Anguilla travel dreams right now than via Experience Anguilla at Home. To check it out, visit today!


*Photo credit: Patrick Bennett

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