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Lit Lounge Anguilla: The Newest (and Loudest) Hot Spot on Sandy Ground

It’s hard to tear yourself away from the sensual comforts at Spyglass Hill. I called the posh villa home for two nights of my November 2019 visit to Anguilla. As with all exclusive AXA accommodations, the luxuries here entice you to stick and stay. And stay some more! The sounds from Lit Lounge Anguilla, though, are also tough to resist.

The newest party spot in Sandy Ground, Lit Lounge opened in the summer of 2019. It was so new when I visited, in fact, that I hadn’t heard anything about it.

I could most definitely hear it, though, from my lofty Spyglass Hill perch above Sandy Ground

Both nights brought banging party sounds up the bluff. There are a bunch of other great party spots in Sandy Ground, of course. None, however, were jammin’ as hard as Lit Lounge.

Sweet soca, classic dancehall, and hip-hop filled the night sky; a veritable flame to my moth on most any other occasion. 

Sadly, though, this trip would prove too short and busy for the kind of fun I’d surely get into at Lit Lounge Anguilla. Next time, though, you can be sure I’ll be spending plenty of time here.

Lit Lounge Anguilla If You Go…

Lit Lounge Anguilla is open daily from 6pm. There’s no set closing time (at least not one that I could find). This suggests a lot about the party vibe here. So too does the location, directly on the sands of Sandy Ground. Think barefoot dancing in the sand under the moon, or watching the many fishing boats bobbing out in the bay from the second-floor deck. Sounds magical, right?

Getting here is a breeze, of course. If you can make your way to Sandy Ground Beach, then you won’t have any trouble finding Lit Lounge Anguilla. Simply follow the loudest party sounds and you should have no trouble at all…



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