Nevaeh Laundry Box

Nevaeh Anguilla Magic Box

On the surface, it looks like just another hum-drum wicker box. Nothing spectacular. If it was sitting anywhere else, it wouldn’t solicit much notice at all. This particular wicker box, though, is pictured sitting on the beyond heavenly bed that I enjoyed recently at Nevaeh Anguilla. That, in and of itself, should tell you that there’s something magical about it.

 A quick read of my review touting the guest experience at Nevaeh should give you the sense that everything about this villa is special. From its secluded beachfront location to its distinctive digs, luxury appointments, and superior staff, Nevaeh exceeds expectations in every way… Even when it comes to laundry!

Nevaeh Anguilla lounge chairs
You’ll never have to think about laundry while relaxing poolside at Nevaeh Anguilla | Photo by Steve Bennett

Like a lot of fancy places, Nevaeh includes laundry service in its long list of amenities. Taking advantage of the benefit couldn’t be any easier either, as I sort of learned by accident.

A Dirty, Happy Accident

You see, I had no plans to avail myself of the Nevaeh laundry service during my brief stay. After all, I was traveling alone. I also didn’t pack many clothes. There really wasn’t any reason to make the Nevaeh staff go through the extra trouble. 

While tidying up my room to snap some photos, though, I made the happy mistake of tossing a few dirty items into the clothes hamper in my spacious bathroom. I didn’t know it at the time, but that’s all you have to do to get your clothes laundered here.

That same night, the Nevaeh Anguilla Magic Box appeared in my room. Inside were my clothes – fresh, clean, and folded with love.

Laundry done at Nevaeh
Nevaeh Anguilla Magic Box

For more on all that’s magical and great at Nevaeh Anguilla, be sure to check out my comprehensive property review here

To get your laundry done here, and enjoy the best of Anguilla on your next Caribbean escape, visit Nevaeh online.

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