Looking Back at Sandy Island, Anguilla: Photo of the Day

It’s been just about two whole years since I “enjoyed” this sight.

I say “enjoyed” in quotes as there’s not nearly as much to like about seeing Sandy Island, Anguilla fading ever-so-steadily from view as the glorious experience of spying it ahead of you.

Cresting ever-so-slightly above the churning surf just off Anguilla’s north shore, its impossibly thin line of equally impossibly pristine white sand serves as a veritable siren’s song for pleasure-seekers anywhere in the immediate vicinity.

The pleasures found here are on par with those you can find at other seaside establishments all over Anguilla – rum, strong drinks, cold beer, great seafood, laughs, hot sun, cool breezes, etc. Only here you’re in the middle of the sea, on a teensy-weensy island that’s more glorified sandbar than even an itsy-bitsy islet.

It doesn’t seem real, in some ways, that such a place could be, much less that you’ll enjoy the best lobster I’ve ever had anywhere out here, but it’s true. Sandy Island is truly that special, that uncommon, and always worthy of another look.

For more on Sandy Island, be sure to check out my previous piece on the great time I enjoyed here (no quotes necessary) a couple years ago, and visit them online.

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