Prickly Pear East Beach

Prickly Pear East, Anguilla – Hovering Out to Heaven

Okay, so technically you can’t really fly to Prickly Pear East. I mean, unless you own a seaplane. I guess you could do it then, but it’s not like there’s any regularly scheduled seaplane flights out here.

The 30-minutes boat ride from Sandy Ground on Anguilla’s north coast out to the Prickly Pear Cays is pretty pleasant anyway. So, it’s not like you’d feel like you’re missing out on anything altogether that special by not being able to fly out here.

Still, I couldn’t shake the feeling of wondering what it might be like. What it might feel like. The sensation of jetting out to these remote and remarkably pristine cays…

Your “Monthly Moment of Zen” hovering out to the heaven that is Prickly Pear East.

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