Up Next: Returning To Anguilla After 7 Long Years

Seven years is a long time to wait for anything. When said anything looks like this, though, the pain of separation can be unbearable! You’re looking at Shoal Bay, one of 33 pristine white sand beaches that line the absolutely arresting shores of Anguilla. Believe it or not, I haven’t set foot here in seven long years. All that’s about to change later this week, though, when finally, blessedly I’ll find myself returning to Anguilla!

Now, we haven’t been ignoring Anguilla, of course. Patrick has traveled there several times during my absence. If you follow us on Instagram then you’ve likely marveled at the images he’s captured there over the years.

Note: You can also see and download Patrick’s amazing Anguilla photos on our Uncommon Caribbean Images site.

Patrick’s pics certainly paint a lovely picture of all that Anguilla has to offer. As the primary storyteller around here, though, I plan to add a lot more words in the coming weeks.

Some of those words will update places we’ve already experienced and shared with you. Dune Preserve, Anguilla Tennis Academy, Uncle Ernie’s.

Returning to Anguilla this time for me, though, will mostly be about discovering new uncommon treasures. Spyglass Hill Villa, the Anguilla Heritage Trail, Shoal Bay Villas, maybe even a beach bar or two…

Returning to Anguilla to sample Straw Hat Restaurant

Will I get to sample one of these chaises at Straw Hat Restaurant, Anguilla? | Credit: Flickr user Zemi Beach

The fun starts this Thursday, so be sure to follow along on Instagram, Facebook, and twitter, where I plan to post updates throughout the weekend.

Also, if you have hints and tips on things I shouldn’t miss, feel free to hit me up here. That goes double if you’re actually in Anguilla and want to link up!


*Lead photo credit: Flickr user Zemi Beach.


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