Ani Villas Anguilla View by Patrick Bennett

Experience One Day in Luxury at Ani Private Resorts, Anguilla

It’s been nearly a year since I had to pleasure of being wrapped in contemporary Caribbean style and modern luxury for nearly a week at the incomparable Ani Private Resorts (formerly Ani Villas), Anguilla. This week I’m heading back for a day and you can come too!

Well… only virtually.

In my original review of the property, I tried my best to paint a picture of just how magical each and every day was at this exclusive property. Since then I’ve given you a few more glimpses of Ani Villas’ many exceptional amenities including the well situated outdoor showers equipped with magnificent sunsets as shower curtains, plus the hot tub with a view that’s got to be seen to be believed.

Finally, now’s your chance to sit back, relax and (virtually) experience one of those special Ani Private Resorts days for yourself:

One Day in Luxury at Ani Villas, Anguilla

As I mentioned before the entire 10-bedroom estate with two fully serviced villas can be rented as a whole, or as two separate five-bedroom units. Each of Ani Villas’ luxury homes are fully outfitted with their own pools, hot tubs, kitchens, indoor and outdoor dining areas, lounges and decks.

And for you deal-hunters out there, Ani Villas is currently running a special promotion offering all guests who book a minimum of 5 nights a $10,000 credit towards airfare to Anguilla… with Private Jet Services (one of the three largest private aviation charter brokerages in North America).

Of course, if you have to ask how much a private jet from your hometown to Anguilla costs… You may just want to settle for this week’s video to get your taste of what a day in true modern luxury looks like.

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