Shoal Bay Serenity

Shoal Bay Serenity – My Last Peaceful Morning In Anguilla

It might be politics that does the trick. Or maybe your love life, sports rivalries, or an old feud over a stolen recipe. Either way, if you live in the United States, it’s likely that today, more than most days, you’ll really want to escape to a chaise lounge like this. It’s Thanksgiving, after all; the day many of us most love and loathe to hang with family. Confrontations are as commonplace today as turkey, stuffing, and played out parades. To help you endure the downsides of the season, we’re sharing a little Shoal Bay serenity.

This was the last stop of my just-completed extended weekend escape to Anguilla. The trip had seen us galavanting all over the island (and beyond), renewing old acquaintances and making new friends. The end of the road: Hank’s Beach Bar and Restaurant.

Nestled in the heart of supremely sweet Shoal Bay East, Hank’s proved an ideal spot for breakfast on the final morning of my trip. A quick walk from my digs at the comfy and convenient Shoal Bay Villas brought us to Hank’s iconic yellow umbrellas.

The breakfast itself was nice enough, but it’s really the setting and the view that made stopping here so special to me.

A cool breeze, crashing waves, the occasional passing butterfly – Hank’s proved just perfect…

Shoal Bay serenity at its finest!

If you need this today, then perhaps you’ll want to consider spending Thanksgiving with Hank and his crew next year. Seriously, there’s not much to argue about here…


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