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The Moment: Falling in Love with Dominoes for the 1st Time

I don’t remember the actual first time I fell in love with the game of dominoes, but I imagine the scene was much like this slice of life video shot in Anguilla.

Four older guys seriously studyin’ each and every move of the man to his right, while also trying to take cues from his partner directly across the table. There’s a lot of nuance to such a simple game; each wink, nod, scratch or grunt potentially carrying some meaning that could tip the scales toward victory. Tap your bones if you can’t play, slam dem for emphasis when you feelin’ good! There’s an undeniably intoxicating rhythm to the game.

It’s something you just have to experience in the Caribbean to really understand. When you do, not only will you come away with an unforgettable experience, but you’ll also get a little taste of what the real Caribbean is really all about.

Dominoes at Carl & Claire's BBQ in Anguilla

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