What I Missed Most About Not Traveling in 2020

The clifftop villas and swanky hotels we often get to stay in are nice. Jaw-dropping beaches, secluded waterfalls, and epicurean delights common to our adventuring are great too. The thing that I missed most about not traveling in 2020, though, is what you see pictured here. What you’re looking at is the very first time I ever met Sammi Green.

If you’ve ever even thought about practicing yoga in Anguilla then it’s likely you’ve heard of Sammi before. By all accounts, she is AXA’s favorite yoga instructor.

We met by chance at The Prickly Pear Cays on a Sunday in early-November 2019. The uninhabited and otherworldly beautiful islets nestled six miles off Anguilla’s north coast are the kind of place I should’ve expected to meet a UC fan. Still, I was surprised to be recognized and even happier to spend a little time getting to know Sammi, while also learning a bit about Anguilla from her perspective. 

We talked about her practice, the vibe in Anguilla post-Hurricane Irma, and the best Sunday School party on the island. My earlier yoga misadventures in Dominica and Trinidad gave us a good laugh. So too did the terrible balance I displayed trying to hold our twin tree pose.  

It’s just this type of magical meeting that fuels my favorite travel experiences. Beyond the feting, fantastic food, rum, and fun, uncommon travel has always been about one thing: making connections with amazing people.

Here’s hoping we can get back to making new friends (and improving my yoga form in the islands) soon…

When next you’re down Anguilla way and in need of some yummy yoga rejuvenation, be sure to link up with Sammi. Tell her you’re a fellow UC fan, of course, and be sure to give her a hug from me.

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