Antigua Nude Beach

Nudist Beach Antigua: Flapping in the Breeze at Eden Beach

Islands of the Caribbean with historically strong ties to Great Britain aren’t exactly known for letting it all hang out. On French Caribbean islands like St. Martin, you can expect to see women baring (at least) their breasts when soaking up the sun on Orient Beach’s white sands. On Barbados, though, you can forget topless sunbathing. Just for stepping off the beach in your swimsuit can even get you a fine! So, it’s a little surprising that there’s an Antigua nude beach.

To each their own, of course. It’s differences like these that make each island its own unique destination.

Still, in the historically British island of Antigua with its 365 public beaches, you can have your tea time cake and eat it, too.

Eden Beach, one of four beaches easily accessible from The Hawksbill Resort by Rex Resorts just past quaint Five Islands village and Galley Bay Resort, boasts being Antigua’s one and only clothing-optional beach sanctuary.

The gorgeous beach is much larger than you might expect (though don’t expect a mile-long expanse) with lots of private nooks. There’s even an exotic mini-islet within swimming distance from shore. The place is certainly one of the most picturesque beaches in the Caribbean.

But you’ll have to show some restraint. There’s a strict “no cameras allowed” policy out of respect for your fellow nude sunbathing neighbors. Fairly standard operating procedure when a beach is clothing optional.

If you want to have your own solo nude beach party. Try visiting at noon. Hawksbill will be serving lunch, drawing most of Eden’s visitors to the only beach resort on the island with easy access to these sands. It’s likely you’ll have the beach and its sprinkling of beach chairs all to yourself.

Antigua Nude Beach - Eden Beach from above
Antigua Nude Beach – Eden Beach from above

While there, blissfully alone at the height of the day, I took the opportunity to shoot this little moment of zen on what’s become one of my favorite Caribbean nude beaches.

Click play and let you inhibitions blow away with the breeze…

See you on the sands!

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