Your Space In The Sun

Antigua Has Your Space In The Sun For Enjoyable Social Distancing

If you could carve out your very own special space in the sun in Antigua right now, today, what would it look like? I imagine most people would pick someplace like this. Who could blame them, right? Antigua is blessed with a beach for every single day of the year. As Antigua only has 95 miles of coastline, though, you might think that her 365 pristine, white sand beaches would be crowded.

Not so.

At least not in my experience visiting Antigua numerous times in recent years. 

All those beaches make it easy to live out your ultimate escapist Caribbean dream. Imagine it’s just you, your special someone, a nice breeze, and all the majesty of this… 

Your Space in the Sun: Antigua and Barbuda

Could there be a better way, or place to practice social distancing… and actually enjoy it?

This latest video from our friends at the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority answers in the affirmative for beach lovers keen on Caribbean travel, pandemic be damned.

At the same time, though, Antigua is so much more than beautiful beaches.

So, what would our uncommon space in the sun in Antigua look like? We’ll share some answers this weekend. Stay tuned…

For the latest information on how best to responsibly visit Antigua & Barbuda right now, check out the Travel Advisory section of the Visit Antigua and Barbuda website today.



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