Caribbean Wallpaper Wednesday: English Harbour, Antigua

English Harbour, Antigua

English Harbour, Antigua

What’s the value of a week? A day? A moment?

Ever find yourself asking these questions when you’re knee deep in some boring or unpleasant or just somehow “not you” task? I do. All the time.

I could be sitting in a meeting about some irksome work issue that for one seemingly never-ending moment occupies an immense portion of a room full of people’s minds. Sometimes it’s when I’m riding the subway to work — toiling away unsuccessfully at Angry Birds while a nearby fellow straphanger infiltrates the furthest reaches of his nostrils looking for who-knows-what. Ever think about how much time we spend doing things we “have to”?

I don’t want to get too philosophical in this week’s wallpaper post, but just look at that photo above. There are direct flights out of many US cities to Antigua everyday. They’re not too expensive. You could be on one tomorrow. Once on-island, you could hop a cab or rent a car and take a short drive Southeast past Nelson’s Dockyard up to Dow’s Hill Fort. (Dave and I did on our way back from our half-marathon adventures on Montserrat last year.) This isn’t a particularly uncommon travel destination on Antigua — practically every tourist visits this hill for its historically panoramic views of nearly the entire island.

But sometimes being uncommon just for uncommon’s sake isn’t the point.

The point is… Well, just look at that view. Look at that view. What’s the value of one moment spent up on that hill, early in the morning, before the tourist buses arrive, just gazing out over the quintessential Caribbean image of English Harbour?

Our friends, the Sexy Sailors: Alex and Taru are there. And you should be too. Book a flight on Kayak. Find a deal on Jetsetter. Do whatever it takes.

Every single moment is valuable.

And if, for some reason, you “have to” be elsewhere, download this wallpaper to your desktop. If nothing else, it should remind you that every moment can be spectacular.

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