Dad’s Guide to Short Races on Long Bay Beach

If there’s one thing all fathers figure out eventually, it’s that the word “father” is much more of a verb than a noun. Teaching, setting an example, coaching, providing, transporting, disciplining, inspiring, and on and on — being a father isn’t something you become, it’s something you do. And do again and again. And basically, never stop doing. Plus, if your kids are anything like my boys, then they’re likely to reserve the vast majority of their appreciation and affection for their mother.

So, what’s a dad to do?

Short races on a long beach.

Do that thing that needs doing, now. Put in all your effort. Get it done. Wipe yourself out. Line up the next thing. Do it all again.

But don’t forget to look around once in a while to remember that you’re in paradise.

(And also never let the kid win a running race… Until you can’t help it anymore.)

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