Kiteboarding in Antigua – My Soon Come Adventure

Cabarete in the Dominican Republic? Of course. The Grenadines? No question. Martinique? Oui-oui. When it comes to kiteboarding in the Caribbean, certain destinations are a given. To me, though, kiteboarding in Antigua wasn’t one of them.

I guess my mind tends to center on the island’s rich history, its vibrant cultural heritage, cricket, the amazing Antigua Black Pineapple, and one of the world’s most scintillating sailing scenes.

Kiteboarding? Not so much.

I’m sure I didn’t see a single kiteboarder during my last visit to Antigua a few years ago. Could it be that the sport skipped the Land of 365 Beaches?

Answer: No.

My Antiguan friend Dean set me straight via phone earlier this week. Not only is kiteboarding big in his home island, but some of the sport’s biggest names call Antigua home. Kiteboarding legend, Andre Phillip,  and his protégé, Jake Kelsick, prove as much in this video…

Cruise Mode (KiteBoarding)

My talk with Dean was in prep for a return trip I’m planning to make to Antigua in the next few weeks. I’m keen on giving kiteboarding a try. (Gotta’ try to match my brother’s first shot at the sport from a few years back.)

Will I soar high above the waves like Andre and Jake? Stay tuned for more this summer…

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