Lokal Bar and Restaurant, Antigua

Lokal Bar and Restaurant – A Great Place for Laughs in Antigua

It’s funny what you remember most about a place. Sometimes it’s a particular drink or meal. Other times, it might be a smell, a certain type of music, art, or décor. In the case of Lokal, at least for us, though, the most memorable thing was easily the laughs.

Patrick and I happened across the aptly-named bar and restaurant during our last Antigua Sailing Week experience in 2018. A full day of chasing the race out at sea under an unrelenting sun left us a bit beaten down. Drawn solely by the name, we stumbled into Lokal in search of sustenance. 

Inside Lokal, Antigua
Inside Lokal, Antigua | Photo by Steve Bennett

Lokal’s simple open-air interior dining space and a cozy bar immediately had us feeling right at home. A couple rounds of English Harbour 5 and some succulent red snapper furthered the effect. Sweet soca and dancehall music blaring throughout the place was good too.

The best thing about Lokal, though, the thing I will absolutely never forget about the place is the laughs we shared here.

Big, boisterous, heartfelt laughs. The kind that does make your belly string buss! I’m talking profoundly heart-pounding laughs like these…


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I can’t tell you what we were laughing about. Truthfully, I don’t remember.

Every time I think of this afternoon, though, I always smile big and broad; the love-filled laughs we shared at Lokal giving me yet another in a long list of reasons to love Antigua.

Visiting Lokal

Lokal is located right along Dockside Drive in English Harbour (see map below). The bar/restaurant lists itself as a vegetarian/vegan eatery on its Facebook page. Not sure if that was the case when we visited in 2018, though I’m sure that the laughs and good times are still the same. 

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