Up Next: Antigua and (Hopefully) Barbuda

Five long years…

Five long years have passed since my last trip to Antigua. Five years without savoring the local eats and melee (gossip) at Cavell’s Cook Shop. Five years without sampling from among several hundred rum options at Papa Zouk’s. Five years without hopping among Antigua’s 365 beaches, like Deep Bay Beach pictured above.

All that’s about to change starting tomorrow, though, when I finally make my way back to the land of Wadadli!

Even better, my brother/UC partner, Patrick, will be joining me this time!

While a lot of our trip will be focused on our usual uncommon adventuring, we also plan to explore the state of things in the wake of last summer’s destructive hurricanes.

Antigua is said to have been largely spared any storm damage, but as has been widely reported, sadly, the same cannot be said for Barbuda.

We hope to explore both islands, get the real story, and, of course, share it with you.

To follow along on our journey, be sure to link with us on Instagram, where we’ll be sharing new pics and videos all week.


*Photo credit: Flickr user Andrew Moore.

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