Sunset Over Verandah Resort Antigua

Take a Moment to Rise Above it All in Antigua

What does it feel like to rise above it all?

It seems like “all” is just so many things!

The traffic. That family member. The subways! That smell! That person in line ordering the most elaborate drink known to man, while you’re just trying to grab a coffee. That thing you bought, which now you hate. That friend that hasn’t texted back. The people who have texted back!

“All” is every one of the incessant notifications vibrating and pinging that needy device in your pocket. Look at this! Look at that! Stop what you’re doing! Stop thinking! Just look!

That coworker. That boss. That other cool company that hasn’t called you back.

And, of course, it feels like so much of “all” is the toxic, sensationalized news cycle. “He said what?” “They couldn’t have!” “They did!” “Will they?” “Won’t they?!” Shock! Indignity! Outrage! Then, like a junky needing the next shot of poison, desperation to get to the next horror. “Have you seen?!”

But what if “all” isn’t all there is?

What if “all” is actually something else?

What if, most of all, “all” is the beautifully diverse world we all inhabit? Complete with sparkling seas, infinite greens, and warm little islands like Antigua? The sounds of sea birds drifting through magnificent layers of oranges, reds, and blues? What if “all” includes humble humans drinking a little rum to toast the end of another day?

What if rising above it all for a moment could look like this?

Sunset Over Verandah Resort, Antigua

Of course, the biggest secret of “all” is that you really can make it whatever you want.

If you’d rather your “all” be dominated by horror rather than optimistic ambition or wallowing is ugliness rather than striving to make things a little more beautiful for all of us; well, the majority of the internet has you covered.

But if you’re looking for some other “all,” the first thing to know is that it won’t be easy. How about we just take a moment to rewatch that video… Then go out and do something positive?


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