Soak in The First Light Over Galley Bay Beach and Spa

You can’t talk about Antigua without waxing poetically about its 365 beaches.

Yes, there’s a rich history worth exploring at places like Nelson’s Dockyard, unique watering holes for those who like a little fish with their rum, quirky steps to nowhere where you can find some of the most authentic food for miles around, and great hiking… But wrapping up all these experiential travel gems in a glistening ribbon of white are all those wonderful beaches

And while Steve has made the point that incredible stays can be found away from shore at places like Sugar Ridge, I’m a sucker for waking up to the sound of waves. Can you blame me?

See what I mean in this month’s Moment of Zen video that I captured amidst the first rays of sunshine as they poured over the sands that front the Galley Bay Beach Resort and Spa

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