Sweet Sunset, Deep Bay, Antigua | SBPR

Serene Sunset from Deep Bay, Antigua

We may not have visited all 365 of the beaches in Antigua during our most recent visit a few weeks ago, but I think I can speak for Patrick in asserting that we did arrive at a favorite from among the swaths of sand we did get to see.

The winner: Deep Bay.

This won’t come as much of a surprise to fans of Patrick’s postings. He’s sang the praises of these very special shores plenty over the years.

As for me, my previous trips to Antigua left me a bit too busy with day job responsibilities to head over here.

That all changed at the close of the third day of our Antigua adventure when Patrick treated me to this…

Is it any wonder that Patrick loves this place? Listen closely as the video plays and you can hear him snapping away at aerial photos like this one capturing the jaw-dropping beauty of Deep Bay at sunset. Though he’d been here before, Patrick excitedly shot photos and videos like it was his first time, no doubt capturing HUNDREDS of new Deep Bay pics over the space of just two hours!

Yeah, it’s that beautifully amazing here.

Is it any wonder that now I truly love Deep Bay too?

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