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Uncommon Attraction: Deep Bay Beach, Antigua

Even if you spend countless hours poring over an endless stream of images, videos, and information on Antigua’s 365 sun-kissed shores in preparation of an upcoming visit, the mere sight of Deep Bay Beach will still take your breath away when you get there.

This is a beach on a whole ‘nother level; the kind that for us could hardly be any more perfect.

The water: spectacularly gin-clear and absolutely flat, more akin to a pool than anything attached to the sea.

Perfect for swimming? You bet! Calm and clear conditions here also make snorkel adventures out to the 100-year-old submerged wreck sitting out in the middle of the Deep Bay quite easy.

There’s more to explore on land as well. The ruins of Fort Barrington (est. 1779) atop Goat Hill just to the north are well worth checking out, even if just to marvel at views like this of one of all-time favorite beaches…

Photo credit: Flickr user Andrew Moore.

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