View from room 302 at Pineapple Beach Club, Antigua | SBPR

Pineapple Beach Club, Antigua: View With A Room

Unobstructed ocean views are the gold standard for most when visiting the Caribbean. I mean, it IS the Caribbean, right? You travel here, in large part, to be mesmerized at the sight of undulating waves, soothed by the sounds of their endlessly caressing the shore. Sometimes, though, at least for me, a little obstruction can be a very good thing. The digs I enjoyed at Pineapple Beach Club during my last visit to Antigua a few weeks ago provided a nice reminder.

I awoke each morning to the verdant, tropical splendor pictured above. The busiest, most destructive hurricane season in ages had just concluded only six months prior, but you could never tell from my hillside perch high above the beach.

Up here, separated from the main areas of the resort, it’s quiet, more secluded, and certainly more in tune with nature.

Your surrounds: lush, exotic flowering trees – frangipani, flamboyant – at least five different species of towering palms, and fragrant jasmine.

Hummingbirds dart about. Sugarbirds come by too. Doves serenade by day, frogs by night.

You’re really removed from the property, though still within earshot of the surf. For me, it was perfect.

Staying in room 302 at Pineapple Beach Club was a bit like bedding down in an elegant tree house, something I certainly didn’t expect from an all-inclusive resort.

Be sure to visit Pineapple Beach Club online for more info on all that’s great about this uncommon all-inclusive resort .

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