Wadadli Gold Beer: The Bold, Manly Taste of Antigua

Your typical West Indian man is never going to be shy about exerting his manhood. We’re unapologetically macho, for the most part, a character trait/flaw, depending on your perspective and level of patience, that often manifests itself in our choice of adult beverage. 

Strong Rum, Overproof, Puncheon, stout – if it burns, blurs vision, or bushes up the chest hair, we’re all about it.

And so it was no surprise to me to find most of the guys I came across in Antigua last month repeatedly calling for “Gold” at every bar I happened upon.

Wadadli Gold is the stronger, somewhat meatier version of Antigua’s national brew. I say somewhat as its 5.6% alcohol by volume is only .6% beyond that of regular Wadadli.

Such a scant difference matters little to the West Indian male, of course. Gold is stronger. That’s all we need to know.

Okay, all kidding aside, you definitely feel the difference between the Gold and regular Wadadli when you’re drinking ’em; so much so that I initially doubted the small space between them.

Wadadli Gold is decidedly more robust, potent, and cockier than its older sibling. The consistency is a bit thicker, perhaps more malty as well, filling your mouth and your belly like a boss. No, it’s not a great option for a day at the beach, but out at the bar, or at a cricket match, it’s mantastic!

Look for Wadadli Gold in cans (it’s not available in bottles) all over Antigua… if you dare!


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