Peeking Out From Under a Palapa at Arashi Beach, Aruba

The Bucuti and Tara Beach Resorts section of Eagle Beach may be the very finest stretch of shoreline in Aruba, as I postulated a couple of days ago, but this image I snapped a few miles further north remains the most enduring from my just-completed trip.

This is the view you can enjoy from beneath the palapas that line Arashi Beach, a cozy cove of brilliant white sand and beautiful blue seas sitting just beneath Aruba’s popular California Lighthouse.

Such close proximity to one of Aruba’s best-known attractions makes Arashi a prime stop for purveyors of touristy island tours, their safari-style trucks a fairly regular sight during our time here last week.

As frequent as they were, those safari stops didn’t last very long (visitors barely had a few minutes to dip their toes in the water before being called back to their trucks), leaving all the sweet serenity and amazing beauty of Arashi to those of us with nothing but time…

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