Timelapsing Across Aruba

Aruba Timelapse: Island among the Clouds

You might think that ultra-touristy Aruba is not uncommon enough for you.

You might be right.

Then again, as illustrated in today’s featured video, you might be wrong…

Running for about four minutes, this timelapse masterpiece shows off the “One Happy Island” as most of us have never seen before. Sure, the highrise resorts along Palm Beach are included. The Tony shops of downtown Oranjestad are showcased as well.

These more common aspects of the tourism product in Aruba are vastly overshadowed, though, by the island’s more remote, off-the-beaten-path environs, particularly Aruba’s ragged northern coastline where we’ve already encouraged you to check out in search of gold.

The lonely, nearly perfectly conical peak featured just past the midway point of the video? That’s Mount Jamanota, Aruba’s “tallest” peak measuring a mere 617 feet. The way it just sits there, the only even remotely elevated piece of land in its surrounding area, has always fascinated me. I’ve visited Aruba several times over the years but never had a chance to scale the mini mount – a good reason for a return visit…

For me, the video is full of more than a few other good reasons to head back to Aruba soon.

What do you think, is Aruba right for you?

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