Sauntering Out To Sea On Eagle Beach, Aruba

We’ll definitely get our exercise…

The thought crossed my mind soon after checking into the fab Bucuti and Tara Beach Resort with the wife last summer and staring out at the view from our balcony. Eagle Beach, it seemed, was not only Aruba’s best beach, it was also its widest.

From the ground floor of the Tara wing where our room was located, it was a good two-to-three minute walk to the sea!

Our steps were of the very, very leisurely variety, of course. Bucuti’s no kids policy and predilection toward peaceful natural sounds –– the surf, the birds, the breeze through the trees –– over piped-in party playlists easily induces such sluggary.

You want to go slow here, the better to soak it all in and enjoy each and every step along the finest stretch of sand in Aruba.

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