Arashi Beach, Aruba

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No cares whatsoever.

Remember the last time you found yourself so blissfully at ease? With all the political craziness right now, anyone could be forgiven for forgetting the feeling.

As the old saying goes, though:

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

Beautiful destinations like the blessed spot pictured above – Arashi Beach, Aruba. This is the last place where I can truly say I had zero real substantive cares.

It was six months ago, Election Day and its resulting tumult still a good ways down the road. The wife and I were being hosted in about as fine a style as you can find in Aruba at the fabulous adults-only Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort. Our days were spent hiking, beach-hopping, getting re-acquainted with old friends/haunts, and enjoying a little kid-free seaside serenity. Nights brought spellbinding sunsets followed by amazing meals and inventive cocktails at Elements, Quinta Del Carmen, and Amuse Sunset Restaurant.

Put simply, we were living a dream.

I find myself returning to this photo quite often lately, attempting to keep alive the memory of our Aruba dream embodied in the image.

It’s helping me.

I hope, in some small way, that it helps you too, and that someday the difficult roads we’re all traveling right now eventually lead us to an even more beautiful destination than the one above.

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