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Six Hops Into The Sea at Rodger’s Beach, Aruba

I’m guessing that most people probably see this as little more than a ruin; the sad remains of an old jetty long reclaimed by the sea.

Not me.

When the wife and I happened upon this scene on Rodger’s Beach in Aruba a few weeks ago after somehow managing to pull ourselves away from all the wonderful adults-only splendor at Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort, all I could think about was hopscotch.

Okay, maybe not hopscotch in the traditional sense, but certainly hopping the tops of each pylon before finally jumping off into the sea after the last one.

I didn’t get to, though. I tend to be a tad more risk-averse with the wife in tow, the better not to ruin our scant opportunities to travel together.

Next time I’m in Aruba, though…

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