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Uncommon Envy: Boca Ketu, Aruba

Beyond the popular shores that line the west and south coasts of Aruba – Palm, Eagle, Arashi, and Baby among them – lies a whole other style of  beach experience altogether. No resorts, no bars, no restaurants. No swaths of sand jam-packed with chaise lounge chairs. No cheap souvenir stores anywhere in sight. This is the arid, remote east coast; home to the Arikok National Park. In addition to wild hiking adventures to such notable attractions as the Conchi Natural Pool, you’ll also find a series of sublime little coves tailor-made for uncommon exploring and the type of secluded beach fun we love. Among them: Boca Ketu. This little cove is actually two beaches in one, a small land bridge to an impossibly flat rock sitting just offshore forming a natural separation. The image above represents the closest I ever got to Boca Ketu while trekking to Conchi two summers ago. It’s a nice view, but needless to say I left Aruba with more than a wee bit of envy over not getting a chance to dip into that water and lime around for a bit. It’s as easy to get to Boca Ketu as it is to get to Conchi, with ATV’s, horseback riding, 4×4’s, and just plain hiking all available options. Not sure which one I’ll pick, but for sure next time I’m in Aruba, you’ll find me spending a day over here.

Ever trek out to Boca Ketu? Got any tips on the best way to get here/things to do? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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