Tara Suites Over Eagle Beach, Aruba: View With A Room

It’s a view well worth waking early to savor –– amazing Eagle Beach, Aruba as seen from the fourth floor balcony of my room at the Bucuti and Tara Beach Resort. “Room” actually doesn’t do justice to the dushi digs I got to enjoy here with the wife last summer. Technically, all the “rooms” on floors one–four in the Tara Wing are called Tara Suites. The only room category above them, literally and figuratively, are the Penthouse Suites that grace the fifth floor. The Penthouse is pretty sweet, as you can see here, though Tara Suites like ours more than hold their own when it comes to romantic elegance. A super-cushy bed and thoughtful little touches with couples expressly in mind contribute, but nothing really makes these suites quite so sweet as this view; easily the best I’ve ever experienced at any hotel in Aruba.

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