Steve Bennett

PR guy by trade, West Indian by birth, Steve has been helping journalists tell stories about the Caribbean for the past 20+ years. As co-founder, editorial director and principal voice of Uncommon Caribbean, Steve shares a personal and uniquely-informed view of the authentic side of Caribbean travel and culture every day. Steve’s travels have taken him to 39 Caribbean destinations (and counting), many of which he’s visited while leading media tours as the head of his travel-focused public relations agency, SBPR Corp. This depth of experience has taught him that the uncommon is not relegated to the region’s most far flung and little-known destinations.

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🇫🇷St. Barts

Singularly Sweet Shell Beach, St. Barts

🇹🇨North Caicos

Sunset Strolling Sandy Point, North Caicos

🇱🇨St. Lucia

Haunted Caribbean: Don’t Trifle With Le Ti Bolom


There’s Nothing To Fear From Haitian Vodou… Except Maybe This Guy

🇫🇷St. Martin

Getting All Made Up For St. Martin Carnival


Unleash Your Inner Demon This Halloween With The Devil’s Tail Cocktail


Taste Of The Caribbean: Haitian Pikliz

🇻🇮St. John

Dodging Raindrops At Sunset In St. John


Uncommon Envy: The Old Fort Estate, Bequia