Beachin’ It At Hope Town Harbour Lodge, The Bahamas

Completely unexpected.

Not sure why, but that was the feeling I had upon taking my first few steps on the powder-soft sweetness pictured above.

This is the beach at the Hope Town Harbour Lodge, a quaint collection of cabanas, cottages, lodge rooms, and one private villa set in the heart of Elbow Cay. This place truly and fully embodies the local axiom:

Slow down, you’re in Hope Town.

Everything is geared toward relaxing, most notably the beach.

Imagine having two miles of this virtually all to yourself...
Imagine having two miles of this virtually all to yourself…

Maybe it was the marina feel of Hope Town in and around its historic lighthouse that threw me off, or the rocky shoreline behind Elbow Cay’s St. James Methodist Church just a few short side streets away, but I really just didn’t expect to find so sublime a stretch of beach here.

Super-soft brilliant white sand, cool and reasonably calm (at least for the Atlantic) waters, and a soothing sea breeze massaging my very soul tempted me to stick and stay here for the balance of the day… and beyond.

If I had, who knows what I might’ve happened upon along her two miles of seaside sweetness. A coral reef sitting just 30 feet offshore would’ve no doubt kept me enthralled for a good, long while. And then there were all those empty chairs…

It was early-March when I visited. Old Man Winter was piling on the icy cold stuff up north.

Still, no crowds here.

Could this be the perfect beach? I can’t wait to get back to investigate some more.

More on Hope Town Harbour Lodge here.


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