Boiled Grouper and Johnny Cake – Truly Bahamian Breakfast

You’re liable to find fish on your plate no matter when you might be sitting down to eat in The Bahamas. These islands rest in some of the world’s most fertile fishing grounds, so it’s always easy to find something appealing for the seafood lover in you around here.

This also applies to breakfast, of course, when the eggs, sausage, and bacon that tend to start our days at home often give way to steamy, brothy treats like the one above.

That’s the fantastic bowl of boiled grouper I enjoyed in the early-morning hours of my last morning at The Abaco Beach Resort back in March.

The last morning following the last night in that oft-times annoying way it always does, I was feeling the after-effects of a late evening of rum, fun, and Whatchamacallit cocktails. I wasn’t quite to the level of needing souse, but some warm, salty-lemony goodness was sure to do me good.

This boiled grouper more than did the trick, especially paired as it was with a Bahamian Johnny Cake. MUCH more like an actual pastry cake than the fried sweet dough we grew up knowing by the same name in St. Croix, the Bahamian Johnny Cake proved a yummy sponge for all that brothy goodness.

Within that broth, onions and potatoes further fueled me back to life. Who knows what all I could accomplish if I started every day with this stuff?!

One of a variety of authentic Bahamaian eats sprinkled throughout the menu at The Abaco Beach Resort, the boiled grouper and Johnny Cake breakfast is the best way to start your day in Abaco with a true taste of the islands.

For more on The Abaco Beach Resort, be sure to visit them online.

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